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  1. K

    How soon do ALTs and Eikaiwas expect you to move?

    Do ALTs and Eikaiwas see a problem with hiring a foreigner that can't go to Japan until 3 months after getting a job offer? (Firms that sponsor Work Visas claim that Visas typically take 2 months to process. This will be followed by a legally required 1 month resignation notice period at my...
  2. S

    Advice needed!!!

    Hey, so i hope one of you can help me with this. So I’m turning 21 in a couple of months and coming to the end of my 4 years in the british army( yes i joined at 16) so I’ve always wanted to move to Japan. I’m traveling to Japan in October for a month to sight see and make sure its the choice i...
  3. H

    Some questions about registering for utility providers

    In the near future I will move in to a private-owned apartment and that means I will have to arrange all the utility supplies (water, gas, electricity). Can someone kindly inform me the procedures of registration to the providing companies? Also, is it possible to register to those companies...
  4. Julia KaNeko

    Plans to go to Japan! Where does one start...?

    Hello, I am Lady Julia KaNeko! Hi, I'm new here and this place seems very nice so far. It looks very informative and such. So, as the title states, I do have goals to one day go to Japan. I believe that having a Bachelor's Degree is one of the essential needed in order to go. Having JLPT...
  5. AoiHana35

    Moving/Buying a House in Japan

    Hi Everyone! This is my first time here at the community. I've been trying to find some decent forums with people who've had years of experience in Japan. Me and my Japanese wife who have been married for a while now have decided we'd really love to move to Japan. Her family member is going to...
  6. E

    Questions re: shipping household goods to Japan

    My partner and I am shipping household goods to Japan from the USA in a few months. The goods consist of clothes, books, kitchen utensils, dinnerware. They are all used goods. We will be entering Japan as tourists and staying in Japan only sporadically (spring and fall). We will not be working...