1. musicisgood

    Motorbiking in Japan

    Hey Mike, what kind of bike you got? I'll post a picture of me with a 800cc on my profile.
  2. H

    Can you park a motorbike in a coin parking space?

    Hi All, Does anyone know if it is OK to park a motorbike in a coin parking space? I haven't seen it, but for that matter I haven't seen many 'big' (> 125cc) bikes around at all. I don't really know how the spaces actually work. From a YouTube video I saw, it seems that you just park and then...
  3. H

    Report on buying a motorbike in Japan

    Hi All, Just dropping this here after having recently bought a motorbike, perhaps it could be useful or inspirational to someone. There are a few considerations with buying a motorbike that I didn't consider before hand. Firstly, 125cc motorbikes are limited in their legal usability. To take a...