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  1. A

    Wanted Exchange Moldavian banknote to Japanese for collection

    Hi, my name is Andrei and I am from the Republic of Moldova. I am looking for anybody who would like to exchange Japanese banknote with me for my collection! I can send you by mail Moldavian banknote and you would send me a Japanese one...
  2. Davey

    Finding ways to get an extra income

    So I was thinking to import herbs from Amsterdam or selling myself to middle-aged Japanese women but I guess that's not really my thing so I got to find other ways to get an extra income. I work full time and have a decent salary but as most of us, I would like to be able to spend more and...
  3. Julia KaNeko

    Plans to go to Japan! Where does one start...?

    Hello, I am Lady Julia KaNeko! Hi, I'm new here and this place seems very nice so far. It looks very informative and such. So, as the title states, I do have goals to one day go to Japan. I believe that having a Bachelor's Degree is one of the essential needed in order to go. Having JLPT...
  4. sendaiben

    RetireJapan (personal finance for residents of Japan)

    Hi everyone I run a website/blog about personal finance for residents of Japan. It provides information about spending, saving, investing, earning, and specific information about Japan-specific options. Whether you know nothing or everything about personal finance, we'd love to hear from you :D
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