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  1. Tonokoori Castle

    Castle Tonokoori Castle

    Tonokoori Castle (都於郡城 Tonokoori-jō), also known as Ukifune Castle (浮船城), is a former mountain castle (山城 yamajiro) located at Saito City (西都市), Miyazaki Prefecture. It was designated a National Historic Site (国の史跡 Kuni no shiseki) in 2000 and is one of the famous 48 castles of the Itō (伊東四十八城...
  2. Sadowara Castle

    Castle Sadowara Castle

    Sadowara Castle (佐土原城 Sadowara-jō) is located in the former town of Sadowara (nowadays a part of Miyazaki City) south of the Hitotsusegawa River (一ツ瀬川). It is a hirayamajirō, a lowland castle built on a hill. It is not known when the castle was built, but it is assumed that the Tajima (田島家), a...
  3. Mukasa Castle

    Castle Mukasa Castle

    Mukasa Castle (穆佐城) is located at the western end of the Miyazaki Plain created by the Ōyodo River (大淀川), about six kilometres west of Miyazaki city centre. The castle was first mentioned in the Nanboku-chō period when the Northern and the Southern court competed for hegemony. Hatakeyama...
  4. Obi Castle

    Castle Obi Castle

    Obi Castle (飫肥城 Obi-jō) is located in the city of Nichinan, in the south of former Hyūga Province (日向国, modern-day Miyazaki). The Shimazu and the Itō clans contested this area and its vital trade port of Aburatsu (油津) in a fierce conflict that could almost be called a "Hundred Years War". In the...
  5. Miyakono Castle

    Castle Miyakono Castle

    Miyakono Castle (都之城 Miyakono-jō) was a mountain castle (山城 yamashiro) located in Miyakonojo City (都城市) in Miyazaki Prefecture. It was also known as Tsurumaru Castle (鶴丸城 Tsurumaru-jō) and has been designated a Historic Site. Miyako-no Castle was built by Hongō Yoshihisa (北郷義久), the second...
  6. Kakuto Castle

    Castle Kakuto Castle

    Kakuto Castle (加久藤城 Kakuto-jō) was a hilltop-type castle located in modern-day Ebino-shi, Miyazaki Prefecture, an important junction in southern Kyūshū that connected routes between Kagoshima, Kumamoto and Miyazaki. The first castle in situ was built by the local Kitahara clan (北原氏) in the...
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