1. CalvinJH

    Japanese Flags (yet another) - Please help clarify if fake (v2)

    Hey all, Long time no post, I'm looking for help with some translations again, I was hoping if someone could clarify if this flag is fake/real. Cheers, - Calvin
  2. Ryoma

    Joining the JGSDF

    hey guys, my name is Ryoma Brunel and ive had an interest in joining the JGSDF since the age of 18. Right now, i am age 20, have a high school education, reside in NYC, and have dual citizenship for the USA, and JAPAN. My Japanese is almost native when it comes to speaking, but reading and...
  3. Daimyo

    History Daimyo

    A title given to the largest of the landholding military lords ruling over a sizeable number of vassals (家人 kennin) from the tenth until the mid-nineteenth century. In the term, dai (大) means large, and myō stands for myōden (名田, lit. “name land”), meaning privately held land. Lesser holders of...