1. Khaled.M.


    hello everybody i am Egyptian medical student and i will start learning Japanese soon i have some questions about being doctor in japan and practice medicine i read alot about rules and that i should get N1 in Japanese and pass national exam my question is about what will happen after get all...
  2. F

    Help Can someone help find certain medicine in Japanese drugstore?

    I am looking for medicine sold in your typical drugstores that deals with stomach acid related problem (gastritis), such as excessive gastric acid, bloating, stomach cramp, heartburn, nausea. Since such problems are quite common anywhere, I think it shouldn't be too difficult to get one in a...
  3. N

    which course of studies take to take for eventually working in japan

    im beginning university in september,my first year. Depending on the points i do i might enter: nursing,radiology technician and dental hygenist. I'm a woman,italian/russian fluent in italian and english mostly. I was thinking to do 1 year of university in japan to also start studying japanese...
  4. S

    MEXT Scores for medicine (Natural Science C)

    Hello everyone :thumbsup: This is my first post in the forum i don't know if a similar question was asked before so ... lets go How many questions i would need to get in order to pass for medicine in the MEXT scholarship ? This question its because there's usually a minimum grade you need to...
  5. Health and medicine in Japanese

    Language Health and medicine in Japanese

    Below find a concise list of the most common Japanese terms related to health and medicine. Expressing symptoms Inner Organs Hospitals and medical personnel Medication and drugs Find an overview of Japanese terms relating to body parts here. Expressing symptoms I caught a cold.風邪を引いた。Kaze-o...