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  1. No.R.in.JPN

    Is Japanese etiquette the same on Social Media?

    Essentially I heard that foreigners can easily be politely isolated from Japanese society. If they aren't willing to fit in for the most part. Not only that, but it is rare for a Japanese person. To ever tell you when you are doing something wrong. Just wondering does the same rules apply to...
  2. R

    I think I said the wrong thing leaving a Japanese Restaurant

    When leaving the restaurant, I said "ありがとうございます" but I now have learned that when leaving a restaurant one is supposed to say "ごちそうさまでした". Did I make myself look like a fool? I feel ashamed :(
  3. Japanese Manners and Etiquette

    Culture Japanese Manners and Etiquette

    Social behaviour and etiquette are considered very important in Japan. While specific rules of courtesy are supposed to be universal, quite a few Japanese manners and habits are unique and should also be respected by foreigners. Please notice that some of the customs outlined below are based on...
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