1. L

    Love confession reply translation help

    I confessed to this teacher assistant in my Japanese class who is an international student here until December, I got really nervous and ran out after I gave him the letter. Then he texted this huge paragraph thing in Japanese that google translate cannot help me with what he said, so can anyone...
  2. SamuraiLord

    Costs, Benefits, Drawbacks (for my fiance), and Job Accessibility For Naturalizing with Japan

    After I have finished studying at Oklahoma State University, I plan to make the move to Japan. I've been wanting to move there since I was a 5 year old, but lacked the resources to do so growing up in a poor family. (Dirt was richer than us.) Lately I've been trying to do research in preparation...
  3. K

    Help on DIY project

    Good day! I have a question related to semantics and japanese writing.(I'm not a japanese speaker). I'm currently working on a project with EL wire, a gift for my girlfriend (she's a japanese speaker). I want to know how to properly write "True Love" in hiragana/kanji. I've made a little...
  4. xTIDx

    Is this right?

    I've just started learning Japanese, so I'm just checking I translated this right. Would I love music be: わたしおんがくだいすき