1. yoshitaka

    Hello Menna! here is my purpose

    hello guys. still not met my japanese father im here to have a small chance or hints a ways on how i can find him ^^ god bless everyone!
  2. MartyClyde

    Missing fiancé

    hello, I've lost my fiancé. She lives in Japan in the katsushika ku area. I love her very much and she loves me just as much. We've been communicating through the LINE app for three months and have called each other everyday of those three months, for 5 hours on most days, and we've sent...
  3. Mark Walder

    Looking for Shorinji kempo teacher

    Greetings, my name is Mark Walder, i live in the UK and i am 52 years old, i work with the elderly and disabled people which i have done most of my life. Back in the 80's i met a CVS volunteer from Osaka Japan, a shorinji kempo master by the name of Shinichi Oda, he taught me Shorinji Kempo and...