lost contact

  1. M

    Need help finding my dad's old girlfriend back in 1989

    Hello there, my name is Max. My father often shared me stories of old girlfriends he dated before he met my mom. Her name was Kiyoko Tamara, she was an exchange student studying abroad in United States during the 1980s. She went to high school in Novato, California and graduated the same year...
  2. Althea

    Looking for my pen pal from 4yrs ago

    Hi! I've been looking for my pen pal, Ryoga, these past 4 years but I just can't find a way to reach him. I only knew his first name, sorry. His address was Kusatsu, Shiga Prefecture 525-0023, near Kumano Shrine (see attached photo). He's playing baseball and her mother always ride a white...
  3. CeejayP

    Trying to find an old friend of my parents

    I'm trying to find an old friend of my parents from when I was young. I only have her name, possible maiden name (given the amount of time that's passed since we lost contact with her, it's likely she's married now) and an old address that she probably doesn't live at anymore. Her name is...
  4. T

    looking for friend desperately

    I cannot contact my friend Masanori Wakabayashi. The last known address I have for him is: [ Removed address ] Suginami - Tokyo If any one in Japan could look up in a phone book to see if he is still at this address, I would thank you a million times!!!
  5. A

    Need help to find her.

    Hey people of the internet, in this very occasion I'm hoping you can help me whatever you can with this situation. Any little help will be much appreciated. So here's the story: I was in a flight from Berlin TXL to Rome FCO (15 March 2017, around 12.00 Berlin time), which the flight was about 2...