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looking for an old friend

  1. M

    Need help finding my dad's old girlfriend back in 1989

    Hello there, my name is Max. My father often shared me stories of old girlfriends he dated before he met my mom. Her name was Kiyoko Tamara, she was an exchange student studying abroad in United States during the 1980s. She went to high school in Novato, California and graduated the same year...
  2. CeejayP

    Trying to find an old friend of my parents

    I'm trying to find an old friend of my parents from when I was young. I only have her name, possible maiden name (given the amount of time that's passed since we lost contact with her, it's likely she's married now) and an old address that she probably doesn't live at anymore. Her name is...
  3. Jingyu Yan

    Looking for old friend back in elementary school

    私は小学校時代の友達が探しています。私の日本語は良くないけど、友達と再会したい. 彼女の名前は広瀬なお、私たちは #堀原小学校 のクラスメートです。もし誰か彼女を見つけるのを助けることができれば, 本当に感謝します。 Hey guys, I'm looking for my old friend from 堀原小学校 in 茨城県水戸市(Mito Ibaraki). She was my best friend back in the old days. Unfortunately, due to my parents' work, I had to leave Japan...
  4. A

    Looking For An Old Friend

    Hey, I used to live in Japan back in the 90-ies, and I was a resident of Iwatsuki, Saitama. There, I befriended the daughter of the manager of a restaurant named Furin Kazan. Her name is KUMIKO ITO. If anybody knows her, please inform me and tell me how to contact her.
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