1. Mike Cash

    Rest in Peace, Uchida Yasuo

    One of Japan's most successful, well-known, and prolific modern authors has passed away at the age of 83. I doubt that the foreigners who get so worked up over Japanese literature but who never read a single word of it that somebody else didn't translate for them have ever heard of him. I don't...
  2. X

    Could you translate this story, please?

    Hey guys, do you know Japanese artist Masa? Sure you don't. Okay, right to the topic. He has written stories that I would love to read, but it is in Japanese. And I need you to translate it. I know I ask much, but you will surely become his fan too. I've uploaded a prologue and a tiny part of...
  3. Tanizaki Jun'ichiro

    Tanizaki Jun'ichiro

    Tanizaki Jun'ichiro in 1949
  4. Tanizaki


    The Japanese novelist Tanizaki Jun'ichiro and his third and last wife Matsuko.
  5. Tanizaki Jun'ichiro

    Tanizaki Jun'ichiro

    Jun'ichirō Tanizaki (谷崎 潤一郎, 1886-1965) was a Japanese novelist who made his literary debut in 1910. He was an adherent of the romantic movement in Japanese literature which had emerged in reaction to Japanese naturalism, then at the height of its influence...
  6. Yukio Mishima

    Literature Yukio Mishima

    Renowned poet, actor, agitator Born on January 14, 1925, in Yotsuya, Tokyo, under the name Hiraoka Kimitake (平岡公威), the young Mishima was raised by his grandmother Natsu, an illegitimate granddaughter of Matsudaira Yoritaka (松平頼位), the daimyō of Shishido in Hitachi Province. Her eccentric...
  7. epigene

    Tanikawa Shuntaro links

    A post by a member inspired me to check into the poet Tanikawa Shuntaro. Because of the simplicity of his words, his works have been included in school textbooks and featured in publications. Also, because of the simplicity, his works may be of use to Japanese language learners. (He is also...