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  1. D

    Could anybody help me write a letter in Japanese?

    It is a simple assignment for my Japanese class. I have gone to all of my classes but I am doing very poorly in the class and I get very confused when doing all of my work. If somebody who has good skills in both Japanese and English would be willing to help me, I would greatly appreciate it...
  2. P

    A penpal project to share Japanese culture and language

    Hi everyone, this is Warren from Hong Kong! Writing on paper has always been an important daily habit for me. I have started a penpalling project recently, so more people can enjoy the fun of writing to each other again. I have a background in tech and the first step of the project involves...
  3. thomas rrr

    Does it looks like death ? 死 (for japanese writers and speakers)

    Hi everyone, I do a typographic artistic project and i saw that le word/letter "death" in japanese Kanji is this : 死 And i figured that, visualy, it looked like a bit like the english word "THE" so i would like to change 死 to make it look more like "THE" without changing it too much so we can...
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