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  1. H

    Intermediate level vocabulary

    I’m currently learning Japanese at an intermediate level. I tested myself by listening to a dialogue on YT (link: ). However, I found that I could not understand a lot of the things they were talking about. I know that at this point, you’d just tell me to keep learning and practising, but I...
  2. redneckjin

    Introductions and easy discussion hirigana/katakana only ください

    はじめまして。わたしはイアンです。あなたのなまえは。。。 I am just looking to have some introductions and easy discussion in hirigana/katakana only for now. I took Japanese in the past but it has been years since I used it. I am trying to relearn it. ありがとうございます。
  3. Japanese learning essentials

    Japanese learning essentials

    Japanese Learning Essentials' goals are to pique interest learning the Japanese Language and to give a starting point to those who are interested in learning but don't know where to start. The app aims to provide a relaxed learning experience by offering concise lessons with adequate examples...
  4. doinurmop

    Learning Japanese, without writing it?

    So right now, I'm at the point, where I've completely learned hiragana, I can say it all by memory, but I definitely the know the letter rather quickly if not instant, and I'm also in the progress of reading genki, and have been taking notes. Though there's one thing I haven't done writing the...
  5. xTIDx

    What is good book for learning Japanese? (Language)

    So I've been using Genki and learning a few individual grammar words but Genki seems more suited to class studys than self study, Is there a good book for self learning Japanese language? I've tried looking reviews but they all seem ether biased or it's just the websites trying to sell their own.
  6. xTIDx

    Learning kanji?

    I want to start learning kanji but I'm not sure what's the best way to go about it. Any tips? Also Should I learn the joyo or just learn ones on the JPLT lists?.
  7. Ganon

    Apps to learn Japanese

    Hello there. I want to learn japanese so I'm probably taking some lessons but I also want you to recommend me any japanese apps to keep practicing at home, at work, while traveling... Wich ones do you recommend? Thanks!
  8. V

    Looking for learning partner/teacher

    Konnichiwa. ^^ I am looking for someone who is willing to aid me as I learn japanese over time. I already know and recognize a few words, but I am officially starting 10th September with my Japanese studies. I am a 20 year old male from Denmark with interests in Japanese food, Cultural norms...