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  1. A

    Advice on learning kanji?

    Hi, I joined a few months ago but I haven't posted until now :) I want to learn kanji. I was using Heisig's book but I've since heard that the key meanings are inaccurate? Can anyone comment on this? So I'm looking for advice on where best to learn the kanji themselves and how to use them/the...
  2. H

    New Youtube Channel to Learn Japanese

    Here I am years later still trying to learn Japanese. But now I'm ready to put in the work that is needed. I am going to be documenting this process through youtube and teaching what i am learning here is a video about -i and-na adjectives. I hope to get support from this forum in my learning...
  3. Andrew Mize


    I was reading this childrens book and I found the clause たすけて くださった. The character who said it was obviously acknowledging that the listener helped them, but I am confused with exactly how this would be translated into English.
  4. tasqunevie

    "I will do as you say"

    How is this translated please? お願いします ^ And is this ok to use for a "thanks in advance"?
  5. tasqunevie

    Japanese Revision

    みなさん、こんにちは Could someone revise these sentences I've formulated please I think it’s time I go back (return) - そろそろを 戻って思います If I’m persistent, they/he/she will (could) get suspicious - 僕がしつこくければ, 怪しいなれます (does it make sense for me to use 貰う here, as in the 貰えます ?) An incredibly cautious...
  6. tasqunevie

    "To Feel"

    I hear a lot of different variations. Could someone translate in these contexts please? "I feel sad" "I feel good" "I have a bad feeling about this" - this one I think has a special expression? Thank you in advance friends
  7. tasqunevie

    何奴も此奴も vs 皆?

    Assuming the first is a lot more archaic/informal/(even rude?) but just want a clear answer Thanks
  8. tasqunevie

    More Japanese Translation

    Need a Japanese native to lend me their ear real quick to make out what Sakura says here please. I will give you my attempts, but I can only use romaji currently on my pc. So starting at 26:15: Even if you blow away my limbs, and paralyze me with poison Teashi ga fukitobu ga, doku o kuratte...
  9. tasqunevie

    Translate this Japanese Sentence?

    Minna-san konnichiwa, I'm really looking for a translation for what I think is "a lot," but I cannot find anything on Jisho except takusan, which is definitely not what the girl is saying in this anime. The full sentence is "Then, I have a lot of questions for you." But obviously I realize by...
  10. tasqunevie

    "To control" in Japanese

    Mina-san konnichiwa, I've been studying Japanese for about a year now and have watched anime for about 10 years. I cannot, for the life of me, find a matching definition for the verb "to control." I have heard it in several different animes and I've tried Jisho.org and other reputable sites but...
  11. M

    What's the difference between 見放題 and 観光?

    Which one is used more often? Are they interchangeable?
  12. A

    Japanese Learning Material I Can Recommend

    Greeting. My name is Abe Blair. I am a Japanese tutor live in Jersey City, New Jersey. This product is probably the best language tool I've come across. Actually I can recommend it and far less expensive than Rosetta Stone and Duolingo. As a Japanese tutor, I recommend this learning material...
  13. Anton~

    Yo from DeviantAr-- I mean, Brazil!

    Yo, todo mundo! Sooooo to make the thread short, I've decided to join the forums here after lurking for a while and reading threads on the 日本語 - Learning Japanese. I started self teaching Japanese about two months ago and, since I learn much easier by talking to people and being able to ask...
  14. IndieDevM

    Any cheap alternatives to Genki books (UK)

    Hello, I have just started learning Japanese as I spent 3 months there this year and plan to go back again next year for another 6 months. I learnt a little while I was over there, but would like to improve to a conversational level for next year, and eventually take some of the JLPT levels in...
  15. Noe Godinez

    Need to learn Japanese in return i can teach English or Spanish!

    I want to learn Japanese because i really want to go to Japan and i just know some basic stuff the usual things you watch in animes and get the hang of them i am really good at English and Spanish if interested i could do a skype call or whatever you might find more comfortable with or maybe...
  16. D

    Which is your preferred method when it comes to learning Japanese?

    Hello! こんにちは! In the moment I'm working out, which method or which combinated methods seems to be the most qualified for acquiring basic understanding of the Japanese language. That's why you would do me a great favour if you take my survey.
  17. jborchardt

    Aikidoka from Germany

    Hi all, I'm Johannes, 28 years old from Germany. I think my first closer contact to Japan was through starting Aikido in 2004. This also made me visit Japan for the first time in 2009 and let me meet my Japanese fiancee who is now living in Germany with me. In the last years I learned basic...
  18. R

    Different uses for koibito

    The word I am asking about is koibito (恋人). From my understanding, it means lover. I want to ask, do you use it only for romantic reasons or would there be other situations where using 恋人 would be appropriate? Would it be possible to use it correctly in situations that aren't romantic? Thank...
  19. Hans Kamp

    New to this forum

    Hi, I am Hans and 49 years old. 私はハンスです。 I am new to this forum and I started learning Japanese about two weeks ago. I learn Japanese with the book sieres Japanese From Zero. I learn making simple sentences like: これは私の車です。 This is my car. Actually with the progressive alphabet (romanji and...
  20. F

    My Journey to Learn Japanese in 90 days

    Hello fellow Japanese speakers/learners, I've embarked on a challenge to learn Japanese in 90 days and I have been posting my progress on Youtube. I want to learn enough Japanese in the 90 days that I'll be able to have a very basic 10-15min conversation in Japanese with a native speaker. Once...