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learn japanese

  1. L

    What Japanese text or poetry can I learn that would be profitable for learning Japanese language ?

    Hi. I am looking for a text to learn by heart in order to learn Japanese (with the help of the translation). I love learning texts and I really want to see where it can take me. So what I need is : a text that is long enough (or a set of shorter texts). Very short texts (Haiku for example)...
  2. NipponCat

    Free Japanese lessons on youtube

    Hello friends, I am nipponcat, If you are interested in learning Japanese I offer free Japanese language lessons on youtube. I am working on new, quality content so stay tuned. -If you found the lessons useful, please subscribe. Youtube channel: NipponCat - YouTube Doumo arigatou.
  3. T

    Website about Japan - Provides Lessons too

    Recommending a site that I follow for traveling and learning Japanese culture and everything you need to know about Japan! Goin’ Japanesque! | One-stop guide to everything about Japan They now also offer online Japanese lessons that come with a discussion forum! Sharing with those who are...
  4. Shiro Reju

    Help Can someone help me with Japanese ? :)

    Hello everyone .. My name is Vojta , im from Czech Republic and i want to learn Japanese .. Its little bit hard for me.. it would be great if someone will help me with that .. Thanks a lot all :D :)
  5. wispyman

    A YouTube channel dedicated to sharing more effective, faster, and easier language learning methods.

    I personally went through years of hell trying to learn Korean and Japanese with crappy study methods, but now I have found a few methods that work really well for me. All is well now :). I made this video to help others learn Japanese and other languages more effectively, as I think the current...
  6. achan222

    Learn, Practice ,and Improve Your Japanese Fast in Tokyo

    Hey guys... not really promoting an actual site...but this is an excellent meetup group you can join if you are in Tokyo to practice and improve your Japanese with native speakers! I'm only putting this out...because I tried this and I found it to be extremely helpful for newbies like me, and...
  7. dailypips

    Learn Japanese in 24 days fastest and easiest

    Hello my friends, I want to introduce to you some easiest method to approach japanese language.
  8. Zizka

    Super Toaster X: Learn Japanese RPG

    Pan, a piece of bread riding a mechanical toaster armor, must rescue the 7 members of the Breasistance from Doctor Dough, an organic parasite which can take control over any domestic appliance. Super Toaster X is a RPG game to learn Japanese vocabulary. It was mostly inspired by the Darkest...
  9. Ganon

    Apps to learn Japanese

    Hello there. I want to learn japanese so I'm probably taking some lessons but I also want you to recommend me any japanese apps to keep practicing at home, at work, while traveling... Wich ones do you recommend? Thanks!
  10. dailypips

    Basic Japanese lessons for beginners

    Hello my friends, I want to introduce to you some easiest method to approach japanese language. These are the most basic lessons which Japan people use to talk each days. I hope them will be helpful to you all. Thank you. --------------------------------- Japanese lesson 1: introduction
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