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  1. ayumeneko

    Study techniques for Japanese?

    Hello! Recently I've been having some troubles studying Japanese and I'd like to hear what are your study methods/techniques for Japanese. I'm not talking about books, apps or websites, I'm talking about what you actually do when studying. For example Do you copy everything from the...
  2. Alucina

    Difference between Godan and Ichidan verbs?

    I'm aware of verbs classified as u verbs and ru verbs with the two exceptions. I've also read that all u verbs are godan verbs, and all ru verbs are Ichidan verbs. But I was unlucky trying to find a more profound explanation of what godan and ichidan are? Thanks for your help.
  3. A

    Studying Abroad In Japan

    Hello My name is Alex! I will be studying abroad for the first time for 1 month in Tokyo Japan during the month of August. This is the first time I'm leaving the comfort of my home town. I'm curious on what types of experiences other people have had studying abroad long and short term...
  4. Aki Moritani

    Services Free coupons for my Japanese Conversation course

    I have decided to give away 100 coupons, for 100% discount on my new Udemy course - Japanese Conversation for English Speakers. Yes, that means you can enjoy my course for FREE! You can get the coupon here: Japanese conversation for English speakers | Udemy
  5. Alucina

    Difference between 前 and 先?

    I've been learning Japanese for a while, and these 2 characters confuse me. They both seem to mean (before) yet are still used in different contexts? Can someone help clarify please?
  6. Aki Moritani

    Services Discount code for my new Japanese Conversation Course

    Hi everyone, I hope you don't mind me posting here, but if anyone's interested in learning Japanese Conversation, I have 100 discount coupons to give away which will enable you to get a 40% discount on my new course. This course is for Beginners who would like to focus on Japanese Conversation...
  7. Lampshade

    Making a reservation in Japanese

    Hey everyone! So I’m going to Japan soon and I’ll be going to a few smaller towns in rural Chûgoku, one of which I’ll be staying the night. I’m trying to fill make a reservation, but I have to write it in Japanese because the owners of the hostel won’t understand English, and I’d like a bit of...
  8. D

    Help with は/わ reading.

    Hello everyone, I'm both new to learning Japanese and to the forums. I already have a few questions and I wanted to start with this one. I know "wa" is read as は when it's a particle and as わ when is not. My question is, is there a scenario where は by itself (as a particle) could be read as...
  9. M

    Question about a name: "Eniko". Please give your opinion.

    Hi. I am considering giving my daughter the Hungarian name "Eniko" as a middle name, as I have Hungarian heritage. Here's the background on this name: Enikő - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia A friend of mine said: "that sounds Japanese!". I have lived in Japan and am a big fan of Japanese...
  10. Tuvo

    Why is English difficult for the Japanese?

    Hello there! I am a new person here and firstly I would like to introduce myself and the purpose of this thread. Since I am conducting research concerning in which way the Japanese find the English language difficult, here is the topic. I would like to ask all the people concerned who feel...
  11. R

    I think I said the wrong thing leaving a Japanese Restaurant

    When leaving the restaurant, I said "ありがとうございます" but I now have learned that when leaving a restaurant one is supposed to say "ごちそうさまでした". Did I make myself look like a fool? I feel ashamed :(
  12. xTIDx

    What is good book for learning Japanese? (Language)

    So I've been using Genki and learning a few individual grammar words but Genki seems more suited to class studys than self study, Is there a good book for self learning Japanese language? I've tried looking reviews but they all seem ether biased or it's just the websites trying to sell their own.
  13. xTIDx

    Learning kanji?

    I want to start learning kanji but I'm not sure what's the best way to go about it. Any tips? Also Should I learn the joyo or just learn ones on the JPLT lists?.
  14. R

    Examples for different meanings of yoroshiku

    If this has been done before I apologize, I checked the search tab and didn't find what I was looking for. Anyway, I am curious over the meanings of yoroshiku (よろしく). One definition from Jisho is listed as: best regards; please remember me; please treat me favorably (favourably); please take...
  15. リセット


    初めまして! リセットです!(本名はレイですがw)アメリカ住まいの女子高生です。一応バイリンガルです。母が日本人のため、私は日常会話はできますが、小学生以来勉強をさぼってしまって、漢字の読み書きがいまだに苦手です。それをちょっとでも直そうと、この掲示板にやってきました! 常用漢字を出来るだけ早く学びたいと思っています。なので、その練習のために皆さんと日本語で会話ができれば嬉しいです! よろしくお願いします!
  16. atsushi horie

    Services Language Exchange Group in Yokohama & Atsugi

    【Language Exchange Group in Yokohama and Atsugi】 DATE:Every Sat or Sun COST:Y500 PLACE:AMYU ATSUGI or somewhere in YOKOHAMA     交通アクセス・駐車場のご案内|アミューあつぎ Hi! I'm Atsushi Horie. I have started a Language Exchange community. We meet on every Sat or Sun at Yokohama or Atsugi. If you want...
  17. xTIDx


    I've been doing colours and some things have an い on the end eg. あかい so is it pronounced akai or aka?
  18. xTIDx

    Is this right?

    I've just started learning Japanese, so I'm just checking I translated this right. Would I love music be: わたしおんがくだいすき
  19. Christopher

    Seeking reliable Japanese Translation

    Hello & thank you in advance for your time, I am planning to travel to Japan in the near future to study Soto-Zen, and have recently discovered a place that may be willing to accommodate myself during my stay (Hoshion-Shoja), however, we are having slight translation issues about the finer...
  20. Rory

    Looking for someone learning Japanese

    Hello! I'm Rory, a 15 year old Scottish boy! I'm learning Japanese and am looking for a beginner/intermediate japanese speaker to speak with on Skype and help each other out. I know a fair bit of Japanese and have masted both Hiragana and Katakana. I'm not looking for an expert Japanese speaker...