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language learning

  1. D

    Could anybody help me write a letter in Japanese?

    It is a simple assignment for my Japanese class. I have gone to all of my classes but I am doing very poorly in the class and I get very confused when doing all of my work. If somebody who has good skills in both Japanese and English would be willing to help me, I would greatly appreciate it...
  2. millie_bu

    Help Please help my research!

    Hi everyone! Was unsure which thread to post this on so I hope this one is right :) I'm currently a student in the UK and I'm writing a dissertation style essay on the difficulties that foreigners face when learning Japanese. I've already carried out some in depth research on the...
  3. R

    My learning Japanese

    This blog will chronicle my endeavor in learning Japanese.
  4. wispyman

    A YouTube channel dedicated to sharing more effective, faster, and easier language learning methods.

    I personally went through years of hell trying to learn Korean and Japanese with crappy study methods, but now I have found a few methods that work really well for me. All is well now :). I made this video to help others learn Japanese and other languages more effectively, as I think the current...
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