language help

  1. D

    Could anybody help me write a letter in Japanese?

    It is a simple assignment for my Japanese class. I have gone to all of my classes but I am doing very poorly in the class and I get very confused when doing all of my work. If somebody who has good skills in both Japanese and English would be willing to help me, I would greatly appreciate it...
  2. Andrew Mize

    Understanding the Passive Form

    I would like to start this thread to help people and myself better understand the use of the passive form in Japanese since we do not grammatically recognize the passive form in English. So post away any questions, interesting passive form usages with meanings, idioms w/ passive form, etc. To...
  3. Andrew Mize

    Japanese language question

    What does りゅうぐうじょう mean? The sentence is 貝がらやさんご、しんじゅが、キラキラひかる りゅうぐうじょう に ついたのです。
  4. Gin

    Japanese language, need help

    Hello I have a question and i would be glad if someone could answer me :) How do I write invincible vertically? Most dictionaries have invincible= 無敵 but I have also seen 常勝 or 確固不動 . What are the differences? I originally was looking for the phrase "invincible under heaven" which I saw in the...
  5. E

    Is this Japanese sentence alright or completely unnatural?

    Hi people, I got a question for you! Whenever I am doing my introduction in Japanese I'm often asked why I begun studying Japanese and such. Now, I want to say that I've been interested in different Asian cultures from a young age, but that my interest for Japanese culture grew during my high...