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    Searching for Chigami, Shuichi

    I'm searching for an old friend of mine named Chigami, Shuichi. I believe this is a pretty rare name, so I thought I would be able to find him on social media or somewhere, but I have found nothing. He was originally from Kurashiki in Okayama-ken, but he moved to Tokyo after high-school for...
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    Seeking Help People from Kurashiki - Okayama

    Hi , Im seeking for help ! My friend in Singapore just cut herself just for a heartless jp guy who lives in Okayama , Kurashiki ! The story goes this : They both know each other since last year Oct , they both hit off very fast and they start to communicate almost everyday. And my friend she...
  3. Near the Ohara Museum of art in Kurasahiki

    Near the Ohara Museum of art in Kurasahiki