1. Mihara-mura, Kochi-ken

    Mihara-mura, Kochi-ken

    Environs of Mihara village. Early fall, 2002
  2. Ogata Shirt Festival

    Ogata Shirt Festival

    Once a year in Ogata, Kochi-ken, a shirt design contest is held for all-comers. On average around 1000 shirts are displayed on Ogata's main beach.
  3. John's Alphabet

    John's Alphabet

    An alphabet by "John" Munjiro, a man picked up by an American whaler while adrift at sea, later to travel the world before returning to Japan, dated 1852. Ashizuri, Kochi Prefecture.
  4. Cherries and Devils

    Cherries and Devils

    A roof ridge cap (kawara) and new cherry blossoms. Kochi Prefecturs
  5. Kochi City

    Kochi City

    8 AM - Saturday, Kochi City
  6. Temple 38, Ashizuri, Kochi

    Temple 38, Ashizuri, Kochi

    Temple 38 (of 88 on the Shikoku pilgrimage route) at Ashizuri Mizaki in Kochi Prefecture.
  7. Sword dancing

    Sword dancing

    Dancing with swords at a village shinto festival. Fall 2002, Kochi.
  8. Dancing Swords

    Dancing Swords

    Swords decorated for a Shinto festival. Fall 2003, Kochi.
  9. Pilgrimage Signpost

    Pilgrimage Signpost

    This trail marker is on the Shikoku 88 temple pilgrimage route between temples 38 and 39 in Kochi Prefecture. This marker was placed in Meiji 36 (1904)
  10. Kannon Bodhisattvas

    Kannon Bodhisattvas

    Stone bodhisattvas of Kannon, the Buddhist incarnation of mercy, at Temple 38 of the Shikoku 88 temple pilgrimage trail.