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  1. nice gaijin

    Aloha Shirts in Japan

    Sunday night I caught this episode of 美の壺 (Bi no Tsubo), which focused on Aloha Shirts. Where I'm from they're commonly known as "Hawaiian shirts" as well. After talking about the history of shirts and the various things that collectors look for, they interviewed a few guys who are really into...
  2. Y

    I have just one Symbol on a Kimono.

    Hi guys This is the symbol I have on an supposed original Kimono from Japan, my mother gave it to me as a present. I have no idea what it means. I study in a movie school and I would love to integrate it into the movie. Or even base the movie around it. I looked at a few 100 of Kanji but found...
  3. E

    Kimono parts help

    こんいちはみなさん I was reading about the parts that compose a kimono, but there is something I noticed in some pictures and that I could'nt find anywhere. It's the small puffy or hairy item that men wear sometimes around the waist (or maybe collar), what is it ? And how it is called ? どうぞよろしく願いします
  4. tokapi

    Origin of Kimono ( 呉服 )

    A Japanese couple re-visited birthplace ( ancient Wu region of China ) of Kimono in present day 蘇州 Suzhou city of Jiangsu province in China,note they both wore Kimono 和服 or Gofuku 呉服 ( literally translated as "Costume of Wu" ) to symbolized this trip. :) Japanese blog: 蘇州...
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