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  1. J

    Applying to Graduate School

    hello everyone! I am in my last year of undergraduate education, and looking to apply at graduate schools. I plan on applying to Waseda, Keio, Sophia, and Tokyo universities. As a plus, it may not be, I did an exchange program In the spring semester of 2017 at Waseda. My major is Economics. My...
  2. Jean Seah

    Searching for a 2007 exchange student to Singapore from Keio

    Hallo! I know this is a freaking impossible long shot, but in August 2007 I met an 18-year-old guy called Yu at the National Library of Singapore; he was on exchange from Keio, and he had one older sister. He asked me out, but he had just told me that he was only staying for 3 more weeks, and I...
  3. Fukuzawa Yukichi

    Fukuzawa Yukichi

    Fukuzawa Yukichi, the great Japanese educator and modernizer (ca. 1887)
  4. Fukuzawa Yukichi

    Fukuzawa Yukichi

    Fukuzawa Yukichi with the daughter of the photographer; San Francisco 1860.
  5. Fukuzawa Yukichi

    Fukuzawa Yukichi

    Fukuzawa Yukichi, Japan's great educator and moderniser; picture taken in Paris in 1862.
  6. 10,000-yen note

    10,000-yen note

    A Japanese 10,000-yen note displaying Fukuzawa Yukichi, Japan's great educator, writer, and modernizer
  7. Fukuzawa Yukichi

    Biographies Fukuzawa Yukichi

    Fukuzawa Yukichi (福澤諭吉, 1835-1901) was a prominent educator, writer, and propagator of Western knowledge during the Meiji Period (1868-1912), founder of Keio Gijuku (慶應義塾, a private college, later Keio University), of Japan's first daily newspaper Jiji Shinpō (時事新報), and introduced the art of...
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