1. RosalinaChan

    Create Your Own Kawaii Anime Character!

    On Rinmaru games, there are cute anime games where you can create your own characters! From chibi to scene makers, you'll have some fun making these kawaii people, am I right?
  2. Kawaii: Culture of Cuteness

    Culture Kawaii: Culture of Cuteness

    Research paper written by Jeremy Read, March 2005 Introduction to cuteness Kawaii, meaning “cute” or “childlike”, is the term used for the phenomenon of Japanese obsession with cute characters, toys, foods, games, housewares and fashion. This affinity for kawaii has grown at a tremendous...
  3. I

    Is kanji for "kawaii" ateji character?

    Konnichiwa mina-san! I have looked through several texts on "kawaii" (cute!) culture, and I am curious to know- why, when describing the origin of the word, no one mentions the kanji characters it is/can be written with (or maybe you can supply me with a link of a text when one does!). Is it...