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  1. Frejagray

    My name in Katakana

    My name is Freja (j is pronounced with a y sound” and I’m trying to figure out the best way to render my name in Katakana because I’ve seen it a few different ways while searching. They include: フレア フレーア フレヤ フレーヤ フライヤ I figured it was worth getting feedback and see what others think. Thank you.
  2. markfarrin

    Chirashi or Chirashizushi?

    I need some help translating CHIRASHI or CHIRASIZUSHI into Katakana I researched on the internet and this came up : Chirashizushi : ちらし寿司 but I need to be certain thats the right translation. also need the katana for CHIRASHIYA as in "house of chirashi" or place of chirashi essentially a...
  3. JREF

    Hiragana & Katakana Work Sheets 2017-06-01

    Hiragana and katakana work sheets provided by the Meguro Language Center (PDF file)
  4. Katakana shapes

    TYJ Katakana shapes

    4.5. Katakana shapes4.5.1. Comparison between hiragana and katakana Some katakana look like the corresponding hiragana, but many of them are different. Hiragana often have round curves, and katakana often have straight lines. RomanizationaiueoHiraganaあいうえおKatakanaアイウエオ...
  5. Katakana table

    TYJ Katakana table

    4.4. Katakana table This is ごじゅうおんず "gozyûonzu" (kana table) of katakana (かたがな "katakana"). Note that kana in the table are written in the Japanese way, characters from top to bottom and lines from right to left. Each katakana is shown with its pronunciation. Being the same as hiragana except...
  6. redneckjin

    Introductions and easy discussion hirigana/katakana only ください

    はじめまして。わたしはイアンです。あなたのなまえは。。。 I am just looking to have some introductions and easy discussion in hirigana/katakana only for now. I took Japanese in the past but it has been years since I used it. I am trying to relearn it. ありがとうございます。
  7. G

    Help How to get katakana reading practice?

    I recently learned hiragana very quickly simply by reading these stories out loud which are written purely in hiragana Japanese Stories I found that simply reading it out loud non-stop allowed me to learn all hiragana in a few days. I'm very keen to do the same with katakana but I'm having...
  8. japfan

    Kana Dojo - New Android App

  9. RvBVakama

    How to distinguish words written in a sentence in Hiragana/Katakana

    いもうどん I was watching a vlog and came across this, I read it as "imou don" not as the correct "imo udon". Other then knowing enough vocabulary to help distinguish words, are there any tricks to distinguish different word in sentences, other than when it changes from hiragana/katakana/kanji to...
  10. H

    Need help in writing "Ah" in katakana

    Can someone please help me how to write a stop consonant "h" such as in "Ah", is it アフ or アー or something else?
  11. D

    Katakana Usage?

    I've been learning Japanese for a little while now and I'm still baffled by when to use katakana. All descriptions tell me it's used for foreign words, names, and words borrowed from other languages. But how am I meant to tell what the foreign words are? For example, banana uses katakana, but I...
  12. Arsudar

    Hiragana & Katakana Learning Methods

    At first, Japanese language can be "terrifying" since it has 3 syllabaries: Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji. These are totally different from what we learned in English and remembering at least Hiragana and Katakana may be a dificult staff. So this time I would like to share some methods to learn...
  13. kenjipapa

    Video: how to write Japanese

    Hello everyone. I made a 20video of how to write Japanese(youtube). It is video of how to write japanese katakana =10video. and japanese hiragana =10video. I am wondering whether will make the next series Do you think is it useful?
  14. pugtm

    Help learning katakana and hiragana

    I know i can get lists online and all but just staring at them is not helping me and the way i figure it kanji will come way later. So is are there workbooks or textbooks (preferably online or free for download) that will help me learn them? If some other method is known please tell me as this...
  15. ax

    Katakana origin

    Does anyone know the origin of katakana, I found katakana especially easy to forget. It's there away I can have them ingrained deep in memory, a kind of mnemonic, or by looking at its etymology? ax