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  1. jockeii

    Creative ideas for minimal/budget-friendly wedding in Japan

    Hello everyone, My fiancée and I are currently considering getting married in Japan. She lives in the Philippines, and I live in Canada. Most specifically, we are targeting (ideally) Kansai region. Kyoto is the closest to our hearts, but we are very much open to Nara and Osaka as well, or...
  2. JapanJimKobe

    New hear just moved to Kobe Japan

    Hi All, I am James a British guy recently moved to Kobe and wanted to say Hi! I am 38 and here for work and would like to see if anyone else is from the Area? Thanks!
  3. Kinosaki Onsen

    Travel Kinosaki Onsen

    Kinosaki Onsen (城崎温泉) is one of the oldest onsen resorts in Japan with a history that dates back to the 8th century. Kinosaki is located in northern Hyōgo Prefecture and was merged with Toyooka City (豊岡市) in 2005. The hot springs of Kinosaki are said to have healing properties, a fact that was...
  4. Andrew Mize

    Study Abroad

    Hello! I will be studying abroad for the next ten months at Kansai Daigaku in Osaka. If anybody will be in the area in this next year and has an interest in networking please let me know!
  5. Gia-Kansai

    10 common mistakes you usually make when make a trip to Japan

    Hi there, after careful research about questions and problems that visitors usually see when they make a trip to Japan. I am having a list top 10 mistakes when you are traveling or making a plan to Japan. If you like it. Please share it for your friends or others people who are planing to Japan...
  6. Gia-Kansai

    9 choices for a day trip around Kansai

    You have been living in a succession of days in busy working and suddenly one day your boss tell you that he will generally set you free tomorrow because he has nothing for you to do. There are many other things you want to do but the time is limited. Just reward yourself a day trip around your...
  7. Gia-Kansai

    Travel Best cherry blossom viewing spots in Osaka 2016

    If you are planing to come to Japan especially Osaka for this Sakura season, please don't forget it. Hope you enjoy. 1. Osaka Castle Nearest Station: JR Osakajo-koen, Subway station Tanimachi-4-chome Google Map 2. Banpaku Park Nearest Station: Monorail Banpakukinen-koen, Monorail...
  8. Gia-Kansai

    Travel Top Famous Osaka Shopping Spot

    Hi everyone, Osaka is not only for special food but also for popular shopping activities. You can easily find from the top trend fashions to Anime Manga related product or electric products here in Osaka. Hope this list can help your reference when you visit Osaka - Kansai LUCUA – ルクア The...
  9. Kansai Travel Guide

    Travel Kansai Travel Guide

    The Kansai Region (関西地方 Kansai-chihō), sometimes coterminous with the official geographical designation “Kinki Region” (近畿地方 Kinki-chihō), comprises the prefectures of Kasuga Taisha, Nara Mount Yoshino is said to have over 60,000 sakura (Japanese cherry trees) and is an incredible sight...
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