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junmai ginjō

  1. Sasaichi Junmai Ginjo Gohyakugawa

    Sake Sasaichi Junmai Ginjo Gohyakugawa

    The Sasaichi Junmai Ginjō Gohyakugawa (笹一 純米吟醸 五百川) is a limited edition sake made 100% of Gohyakugawa rice grown in Yamanashi Prefecture. It has a refreshing acidity and a well-balanced spiciness, with a mellow and gentle umami taste that spreads pleasantly in the mouth. Gohyakugawa rice...
  2. Takao no Tengu Junmai Ginjo

    Sake Takao no Tengu Junmai Ginjo

    Takao no Tengu (高尾の天狗) is a limited-edition junmai ginjō made of different rice types (Miyamanishiki, Gohyakumangoku, etc.) and Hachiōji Takatsuki Kinuhikari rice produced by farmers from Hachiōji. The words "Takao no Tengu" on the label were designed by the 32nd head of Takaosan Yakuoin Temple...
  3. Imada Fukucho Cosmos Junmai Ginjo

    Sake Imada Fukucho Cosmos Junmai Ginjo

    The Fukuchō Akisakura (Cosmos) Hiyaoroshi (富久長 秋櫻 コスモス純米吟醸酒 ひやおろし) is a Junmai Ginjō with calm taste, a refreshing ginjō aroma and a crisp finish. It is a typical autumn sake. The brewery recommends serving it at room temperature, not too cold. About the brewery: Imada Brewery is located in...
  4. Nambu Bijin Junmai Ginjo

    Sake Nambu Bijin Junmai Ginjo

    The brewery describes the Nanbu Bijin Junmai Ginjō (南部美人純米吟醸) as its mainstay, along with its Tokubetsu Junmai. It has a pleasant ginjō aroma, with a hint of sweetness and goodness from the rice. It is also sharp, gentle, clean and elegant. It is a perfect match for elegant Japanese cuisine...
  5. Yamanashi Meijo Shichiken Birodonoaji Junmai Ginjo

    Sake Yamanashi Meijo Shichiken Birodonoaji Junmai Ginjo

    The Shichiken Birodonoaji Junmai Ginjō (山梨銘醸 七賢 天鵞絨 純米吟醸) is Yamanashi Meijō's signature sake. The sake name means "velvet taste". A fruit-forward bouquet of pear followed by black pepper and mint; smooth, off-dry, low acidity with medium body, lots of umami and a medium finish with a hint of...
  6. Wada Aratama Akiagari Junmai Ginjo

    Sake Wada Aratama Akiagari Junmai Ginjo

    The Dewa33 Aratama Akiagari Junmai Ginjō (出羽燦々 純米吟醸 原酒 あら玉 あきあがり) is made of Dewa33 (出羽燦々 Dewa Sansan) rice produced in Yamagata and polished down to 50%. It has a moderate ginjō aroma, a matured, soft and broad taste, as well as a clean finish. It can be served chilled, at room temperature or...
  7. Momokawa Oirase Junmai Ginjo

    Sake Momokawa Oirase Junmai Ginjo

    Momokawa describes its Oirase Junmai Ginjō (桃川 おいらせ流純米吟醸) as a mellow sake based on slow, low-temperature brewing and slow fermentation. It uses local rice from Aomori Prefecture and water from the Oirase River. About the brewery: Momokawa Brewery is located in Kamiakedo, Kamikita District...
  8. Sawahime Junmai Ginjo

    Sake Sawahime Junmai Ginjo

    Sawahime Junmai Ginjō (澤姫純米吟醸) is a jizake made of Hitogokochi rice polished down to a milling rate of 50%. Hitogokochi rice was created and registered in Nagano in 1995. It is more suitable for premium sake than Miyamanishiki rice (美山錦) which is also grown in northern Japan but has higher...
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