jpop audition

  1. Lady Orisha

    Help Finding Japanese Music Label Auditions Online

    Hello Everyone:x3::smuggrin::x3: I am an African American Solo Artist and I wanted to look for some Japanese Music Label's to audition for! I thought this would be the best place to ask! My music and video ideas will fit great with the overseas themes and I am extremely eccentric myself; so, I...
  2. Lady Orisha

    Hello Everyone and Happy Halloween ^_~

    I am really new here and learning more as I explore. My name is Lady Orisha! I love Japanese Culture and Creativity! I love to watch anime and read manga. Of course, I adore the Jpop and Jrock. I am an African American Solo Artist and my band is called FROM MOM. I am working towards becoming a...
  3. PeejayKosuda

    Avex star search 2016

    Hi. Last month, I sent a demo to avex star search. I still don't know what coming next. I was wondering what to do next or what will happen if I get accepted. I need some advice. Please help me! Thank you.