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jōyō kanji

  1. JREF

    List of Jōyō Kanji 2019-02-11

    An official list of Jōyō Kanji by the Japanese Ministry of Justice, PDF.
  2. E

    Joyo kanji

    I think it's quite widely acknowledged that the Joyo kanji list contains some characters that are pretty useless for learners, and omits others that one really ought to know. Does anyone know of a reliable list of the (for learners) useless Joyo characters and, I suppose more importantly, the...
  3. Joyo kanji

    Language Joyo kanji

    Joyo kanji are the 2136 official jōyō (常用漢字) or “daily-use” kanji established by the Japanese Ministry of Education in 1981. The first 95 characters are not included in the 1850 tōyō kanji (当用漢字表) or “General Use” kanji. These are the kanji which Japanese people are supposed to know when they...
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