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    Call for guidance and tips regarding study-to-work transition in Tokyo as a foreigner

    Hello! I plan to transition from studying (I am a postgraduate researcher on a scholarship) to a job in Tokyo. I will invest all the necessary time to make sure I have explored all the options and have really understood the implications of this. Yet, I am posting this to obtain first-hand...
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    Study at one of National Universities

    Hi everyone,I m newbie here. Though I really like to read the forums posted by everyone, it's really help me. I m kinda really need help now. I m 24 years and already graduated. So i want continue to study at one of national universities in Japan. Is any universities would you like to recommand...
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    Job Offers Job Opening for Fresh Graduates

    We are looking for Fresh Graduates for these roles, Training will be provided. Location :Tokyo,Japan 1. Inventory Technician: Computer hardware component identification Enter hardware tracking information into data base Verification of proper shipment & the tracking of new inbound shipments...