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  1. B

    Job Offers Job Opportunity on the Military Bases in Japan!

    That's right, you can speak English only and still live in Japan. We are Military Autosource. We help thousands of people with their car buying needs for when they leave overseas and return stateside. We offer a better price on the car and a lot more convenient. This is one of those jobs...
  2. R

    Job offer in Tokyo starting November

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum (and every kind of forum) so sorry if I don't have the good form. I'm currently in a whv in Japan. I'm leaving Tokyo in the middle of November and my job consequently. My boss is looking for someone to replace me so I'm starting this new thread here. Here is...
  3. S

    Job Offers Job Opening for Fresh Graduates

    We are looking for Fresh Graduates for these roles, Training will be provided. Location :Tokyo,Japan 1. Inventory Technician: Computer hardware component identification Enter hardware tracking information into data base Verification of proper shipment & the tracking of new inbound shipments...
  4. BennyDelon

    Life after Master's degree

    I was thinking about my future if I eventually get MEXT's scholarship. I know I could end up not liking Japan as a place to live and returning home, is impossible to plan ahead so much lol But at least I wanted to have an outlook on the posibilities. So... Does anyone now how are the chances of...
  5. Fernando88mex

    Job Offers Special for Students in Japan

    Importer company located in Mexico is looking for contacts in Japan. Requirements: -Nationality Japanese -Language: English or Spanish (at least written) it is not mandatory a fluent capability but it is needed to communicate basics as amounts, simple instructions, items, colors, sizes. -Time...
  6. miles5

    Seeking for advices post Masters course in Japan

    Hi all, I would like to seek advice of any of your opinion. I am currently studying in International graduate program in Keio Univ, I would like to work in Japan as an engineer after Masters course here. However, I have only started learning Japanese language a year ago and progress is slow with...
  7. jielong

    Entry level non-teaching jobs for foreigners?

    Are there many opportunities out there? I'm guessing probably not but I think it's still worth asking about. I'm from the UK, recently graduated from a university in Taiwan (Degree was Chinese for International Students), I passed the N3 in July and am currently looking for work back in the UK...
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