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  1. JLPT Study Guide

    日本語 JLPT Study Guide

    Don't worry—there's no need to stress about JLPT test prep! As the founder of JLPTBootCamp.com - a test prep website with more than 300,000 annual visitors - Clayton MacKnight has helped tens of thousands of students to pass the JLPT N5 exam. Now, he's distilled his study resources and tips...
  2. OoTmaster

    JLPT Winter 2017 Results!

    I got an email advising me that 2017 Winter results are available online! I passed N4 level with a 91/180 so just barely. How did everyone else do?
  3. laura.amoy

    JLPT N2 Help

    Hi to all. i am prepared for the Japanese-language proficiency test N2 in 12.2017. today, i have some questions. anyone can help me? three sentences, i cannot understand them very well... dont know the meaning... 1: まだ古いのが残っているから、使いきってから新しいのを使おう 2: 勉强していないところにかぎって、试験に出る 3...
  4. A

    JLPT N3 study material suggestions

    Hi everyone! I am motivated to learn Japanese language mainly because I am a soon-to-be-a-fresh engineering graduate who wishes to work there. I talked to one of the agency there who told me that I must have N4 or N3 level cert. I am aiming towards N3 level, however I have no idea where to start...
  5. JREF

    JLPT Test Level 3 2017-04-23

    Guide to Passing to Japanese Language Proficiency Test Level 3 (日本語能力試験3級合格ガイド) by the Meguro Language Center, 2003.
  6. JREF

    JLPT Test Level 4 2017-04-23

    Guide to Passing to Japanese Language Proficiency Test Level 4 (日本語能力試験4級合格ガイド) by the Meguro Language Center, 2003.
  7. JREF

    JLPT N2 v3 2016-11-09

    The grammar notes of JLPT N2 v3
  8. O

    Services JLPT 日本語能力試験 オンライン模試サイトのご案内 (N1,N2)

    N1、N2合格を目指す皆様へ。 早速ですが2016年度のJLPT試験が12月4日に迫ってまいりました。 そこで、弊社のオンライン模試 (JLPT practice Online Moshi システムを皆様にご紹介させてください。 日本語を学ぶ方々や日本で職を得ようとする方々にとり、日本語能力試験N1の合格は必須といえます。 皆様をサポートするため、本や学校よりも低コストで、本番さながらの試験を何度でも繰り返し受ける事が出来るサイトを作りました! ・何時でも何処でも何度でも。PC、スマホ、その他インターネットが使える環境ならいつでもどこでもアクセス可能です!...
  9. W

    JLPT past papers

    Hi all, Does anyone know how I can get hold of old JLPT exam papers e.g. the last 5 years ? Thanks!
  10. Davey

    Jlpt 2016 July

    Since I failed passing the n2 last December, I'm going for it again this July. Who's going to take it, and how will you prepare for it? I'm searching for different methods to study. I am going to try to enjoy translating lyrics , watch more japanese tv/movies and as @Mike Cash told me I...
  11. Mike Cash

    December 2015 JLPT Results Available Online

    Much to my amazement, I not only passed I did fairly well on the thing. Vocab/Kanji/Grammar 48/60 Reading Comprehension 60/60 Listening Comprehension 57/60 Kanji/Vocab "A" Grammar "A" Total 165/180 (works out to 91.6%) I now officially have no respect for the JLPT. If I can pass N1, then...
  12. C

    JLPT Review

    日本に留学することにしました。子供の時から日本の歴史について勉強したいと思いました。ですから日本語の勉強を一生懸命しなければならないです。留学に行く前に中学校の友達が会いに来る予定です。田舎から来るのですが、迎えに______。友達とあちらこちらを回りたいです。 I have to fill in the blank. The choices are the following (1) 行ったことがあります (2) 行ったほうがいいです (3) 行かなくてもいいです (4) 行かないでください I chose (2)because I thought that I should...
  13. 600 Basic Japanese Verbs

    日本語 600 Basic Japanese Verbs

    600 Basic Japanese Verbs is a book intended as a study guide for those who would take AP and Japanese Language Proficiency exams as a reference guide for studying. But more than just for taking the exams, anyone learning Japanese from the beginners up to those in the advanced level would find it...
  14. JLPT: Japanese Language Proficiency Test

    Language JLPT: Japanese Language Proficiency Test

    The Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) is a standard test to measure once the Japanese language provenience test. The test is being held twice a year, throughout Japan and various countries. Passing the JLPT, especially level 1 and 2, can be a big help in finding a non-teaching job in...
  15. naark

    Jlpt n5

    i'm about to take up JPLT N5 this coming december and i'm not too confident of my skills.. so i want to ask of how will i assess myself if i'm suited to pass that level with my current knowledge/skills ... also where can i download a good material for listening? the only material for...
  16. T

    JLPT 2004

    Well, the test is over. What do you people think about this year's test? I'd like to see some comments from other peolple who took it. Chers
  17. Emoni

    Soo... about this JPLT test.

    I've probably spelled it wrong, but I can't remember the correct abrev. :) I'm trying to find a little more info about it as I know it is pretty much the legal measure of how well someone can truly speak Japanese it seems. Is there a website for example tests, more info? Maybe some of you...
  18. S


    I am thinking of getting some ideas together to write an ebook about how to pass the JLPT. My reasoning is that there are a lot of books out there that help you with the actual grammar / vocab / kanji (albeit usually in a fairly unexciting format) and you can buy practice papers (although...
  19. L

    Japanese Proficiency Test past papers

    Hi, Does anyone know where I can get hold of some of the older papers for levels 1/2? The years I'm looking for are: 1993 1994 1995 1997 1998 I tried to order them from a UK supplier, but it seems they were told that these papers are no longer in print... ☝ Any help greatly...
  20. M

    Japanese Proficiency Test

    Hi, I've done some googling on this subject, but I am still confused about several things. Wondering if any body can give me a good pointer on this. I first thought that the test was run a few times a year, but from what i can gather, it's a once a year event. In December. Is that right...
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