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  1. A

    JLPT N3 study material suggestions

    Hi everyone! I am motivated to learn Japanese language mainly because I am a soon-to-be-a-fresh engineering graduate who wishes to work there. I talked to one of the agency there who told me that I must have N4 or N3 level cert. I am aiming towards N3 level, however I have no idea where to start...
  2. A

    Genki II to Sou Matome N3

    Hello, I would like to ask if anyone's had experience with going straight to Nihongo sou matome N3 after finishing Genki II. Is it too big a step? I want to take the N3 exam in December and I don't really want to go to Nihongo sou matome N2, as the books are quite expensive and I think Genki II...
  3. Raijyuu009

    Intermediate Kanji Book vol. 1 for N3

    Is it only me or Intermediate Kanji Book vol. 1 is really hard and confusing to use? I thought to use this to prepare for my N3 but I am finding it very confusing to use as it is completely different from the previous 2 books of the same series. How should I proceed with this book or are there...
  4. Raijyuu009

    What to study for JLPT N3 in December

    I am aiming to sit for JLPT N3 this December. What do I need to study for N3? I have already completed Minna no Nihongo 1 & 2 and Basic Kanji vol.1 & 2. Which books should I read for the grammar and kanji of N3?
  5. Raijyuu009

    JLPT N3 in 7 months?!

    I have started learning Japanese this October and I want to attend the N3 exam at July 2016. First of all, I'll start listing how much Japanese I know. I am following the Minna no Nihongo book 1 and now I am at lesson 6 and Basic Kanji vol. 1 at lesson 7. As for my listening skills I have...