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jlpt n2

  1. laura.amoy

    Looking for a Japanese friend

    Hi to all, i like the Japanese language very much, think it interesting. have been to Japan twice... enjoyed things there maybe, i would go to work in Japan in the future if possible and now, i'm looking for a Japanese friend to make friends:emoji_relaxed: via Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter (all...
  2. laura.amoy

    JLPT N2 Help

    Hi to all. i am prepared for the Japanese-language proficiency test N2 in 12.2017. today, i have some questions. anyone can help me? three sentences, i cannot understand them very well... dont know the meaning... 1: まだ古いのが残っているから、使いきってから新しいのを使おう 2: 勉强していないところにかぎって、试験に出る 3...
  3. JREF

    JLPT N2 v3 2016-11-09

    The grammar notes of JLPT N2 v3
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