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japanese universities

  1. T

    Which universities situated in the countryside of Japan?

    Hi! I'm looking for some universities where I can study Computer Science in Japan which situated in the countryside, where I can get rural, peaceful experience. Thanks :D
  2. Omar90

    Accounting or management studies

    Hi there i am so happy to join this platform. I would like to ask if anyone here studied Accounting or management by research for in any Japanese universities?
  3. EllieK

    SILS and FLA applicant!

    Hi, I'm a student in the US taking a gap semester after graduating this May. I'm in the middle of filling out my applications for the SILS (Waseda) and FLA (Sophia) programs and stumbled upon this forum, so I decided to ask some of the questions I have because I don't know where else to get...
  4. K

    Transferring to a Japanese University/College

    Hello, I had a question that someone might be able to help me with. My wife and I want to go to Japan to teach English; however, we wanted to wait until she finished with her Bachelor's. However, we had the idea that maybe she could finish up her degree at a Japanese university and then if we...
  5. A

    Japanese Universities

    Hi, I'm from Sri Lanka and I'm looking for a university to study a bachelor's degree in computer science. I cannot speak japanese and computer science isn't available through Global30. So I'm looking for a university that would teach me japanese in it's first year and then follow the rest of...
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