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japanese tv

  1. J

    Question What's the best (paid) Japanese TV streaming service for Idol/JPOP/movie stations?

    Hi all, I live in Australia, and was just wondering, as a fan of Japanese culture and entertainment, I would like to purchase a monthly subscription so that I can watch any Japanese TV channel online. It would be nice if the interface and information was English-friendly as I cannot read any...
  2. Otviss

    Gaki no Tsukai can be watched in english!

    Hey y'all! Just wanted to tell you that your favourite japanese tv show "Gaki no tsukai (ガキの使い)" has a huge fanbase outside of japan and there are a few subbing groups including mine that translate gaki episodes into english for your enjoyment. You might not have heard of Gaki no tsukai per...
  3. Glenn

    Watch Japanese TV Overseas

    Just by pure chance, I happened to come across this page (wasn't even looking for anything like it), which sells two ways of watching Japanese TV while outside of Japan. One is through what they call Flash TV, which looks like a Mac Mini, and the other is through a USB flash drive. They seem a...
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