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japanese music

  1. S

    Looking to form a visual kei band

    I'm a vocalist looking to form a visual kei band, would like members to be around the NY area, but online based is fine as well. I do have a guitarist currently and looking for a bassist, drummer and possibly another guitarist as well. Looking for people that are very committed to the band and...
  2. Davey

    Japanese Billboard Charts 2021

    Here are the top 5 songs of the Japanese Billboard Charts May 5th 1. Born To Be Wild - JO1 2. 不思議 - 星野源 ( FUSHIGI - HOSHINO GEN) 3. 怪物 - YOASOBI (KAIBUTSU - YOASOBI) 4. 踊 - Ado (ODO - ADO) 5. ドライフラワー - 優里 (DRY FLOWER - YURI) See the full list here on
  3. R

    I'm dying to find this Japanese song from Team Coco's YouTube video

    Hi, can anyone help? Shazam and Siri don't work as there's too much speaking from the host. URL to the video: You can hear clearer only on the below timeline: 4:46 - 4:55 5:22 - 5:26
  4. Xaipes

    Japanese EDM

    I need a little help identifying this song I heard from a concert by the japanese singer Kradness. He was our DJ on that day and the song he played has been stuck in my head since December last year. There is a recording of the concert here and the song I want to know is the first one. It get...
  5. Jackarack

    Japanese Themed Mix Tapes / Compilations

    Hello all, I have recently finished making a Japanese themed mix tape full of mostly ambient music such as piano pieces stuff from soundtracks etc. You can check it out here - マインドスペース - Mindspace [Mix Tape] by JACKARACK | Jack Parkinson | Free Listening on SoundCloud I was inspired by Sam...
  6. R

    Please help me find more songs

    Hello everyone! I'd like to ask you a question. I want to find more songs like Meiko Kaji's 'The Flower Of Carnage', like really soft female songs like this type of music. Is there a genre of music for that song? Please let me know! Thank you.
  7. F

    Top Japanese Love Songs and Music - Part 3

    Which one of these japanese songs (j-pop) is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!
  8. F

    Beautiful Chinese & Japanese Relaxing Music

    Hope you like Chinese & Japanese Music! Close your eyes and embark on a journey to the Far East in search of tranquility.
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