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japanese lessons

  1. NipponCat

    Free Japanese lessons on youtube

    Hello friends, I am nipponcat, If you are interested in learning Japanese I offer free Japanese language lessons on youtube. I am working on new, quality content so stay tuned. -If you found the lessons useful, please subscribe. Youtube channel: NipponCat - YouTube Doumo arigatou.
  2. T

    Website about Japan - Provides Lessons too

    Recommending a site that I follow for traveling and learning Japanese culture and everything you need to know about Japan! Goin’ Japanesque! | One-stop guide to everything about Japan They now also offer online Japanese lessons that come with a discussion forum! Sharing with those who are...
  3. dailypips

    Basic Japanese lessons for beginners

    Hello my friends, I want to introduce to you some easiest method to approach japanese language. These are the most basic lessons which Japan people use to talk each days. I hope them will be helpful to you all. Thank you. --------------------------------- Japanese lesson 1: introduction
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