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  1. L

    Does it sound natural?

    Hi, I have a question. I wanna ask "Do You think in the near future/from now on more people will be learning Japanese?". What is the best way to ask that? I have come up with two ideas. 1. 近い将来は、日本語を勉強している人が増えているだろう/増えると思いますか。 2. これから、日本語を勉強している人が増えていくと思いますか。 Does any of these sound natural?
  2. zuotengdazuo


    ぴくりとも表情を変えず。しかしほんの少しだけ、怪訝そうな色を声にのせて。 Date A Live, Novel Hi. What does the underlined part mean? Thank you.
  3. Jaccent - japanese accent pronunciation dictionary

    Jaccent - japanese accent pronunciation dictionary

    Hi everyone, I want to introduce an iOS app which is very useful for learning Japanese, especially Japanese's accent and pronunciation. The app' data is referenced from famous Japanese's websites so that it is completely reliable. Below are the app description and download link, please take a...
  4. AngJo

    Is そうだったんですか different from そうですか?

    I've recently started messaging with someone from Japan, but I've been struggling to properly translate them. Up to now I've always sort of guessed using context and what I do know, but I'm really curious to know the proper translation. His response to me telling him that I'm currently...
  5. KenmaXhan

    I Have a Couple of Questions

    1) How do I know when to continue to the next chapter in a textbook? I'm using Kakehashi Beginner-Intermediate Japanese Textbook. I really love the way it explains grammar (currently no vocab lists until chapter 7). I get bored re-reading the chapter, but I still feel as though I need to stay...
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