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  1. Coto Japanese Academy

    Coto Japanese Academy

    Coto Japanese Academy has courses ranging from basic conversation for everyday use to business Japanese with customized lesson plans, small class sizes, and ongoing support. Coto Japanese Academy has 21 classrooms and three student lounges across our three floors of school space. "Our aim is...
  2. shibakaneki

    Kanji Mobile Application

    Hello, I am learning Japanese from many years already and I decided to use my experience of learning Japanese language to create a mobile application to help people learning this nice language. I created a small survey (it takes max. 2min to complete) to ask everyone what you expect from a...
  3. L

    Simple Sentence Translation

    I have an Japanese Akita who is named after Muhammad Ali or Cassius Clay (the famous boxer). Whom they deemed "the greatest of all time." I love Japanese culture and I wanted to know how to write "the greatest of all time" in kanji and if what I looked up is correct. thank you very much in advance!
  4. Andrew Mize


    I was reading this childrens book and I found the clause たすけて くださった. The character who said it was obviously acknowledging that the listener helped them, but I am confused with exactly how this would be translated into English.
  5. P

    "I have a reservation" in Japanese.

    Here is a example of practical Japanese phrase when you stay at Japanese hotel. 予約をしてあります(よやくをしてあります。) (how to read)yoyaku wo shite arimasu meaning: I have a reservation. You can memorize this phrases and use as it is. But there is several different expressions as the same meaning...
  6. P

    Practical Japanese for sightseeing in Japan

    He are the 11 practical Japanese phrases for sight seeing in Japan. You can use them as they are, don't need to learn difficult grammar! If you have a question, feel free to ask by comment. 1, 写真を撮ってもらってもいいですか。(しゃしんをとってもらってもいいですか。) (how to read)shashin wo totte morattemo iidesuka meaning:Would...
  7. alexadler

    I'm making an innovative book to learn kanji [Feedback request]

    Hello there! I'm currently finishing a book about learning kanji using real etymologies and glyphs from the oracle-bone script. You can see the first 4 pages of the radical chapter here And here the first 4 pages of the level 1 (of difficulty) chapter here I'm launching a Kickstarter...
  8. GDAFF

    What does コイッス mean?

    I'm reading this scene in a manga where this man teaches a woman about sex and this word popped up... コイッス. What does that mean? I've tried looking the word up on google, and I know that it's related to sexual activity, but I couldn't find out what it means. Can someone tell me what it means?
  9. NipponCat

    Free Japanese lessons on youtube

    Hello friends, I am nipponcat, If you are interested in learning Japanese I offer free Japanese language lessons on youtube. I am working on new, quality content so stay tuned. -If you found the lessons useful, please subscribe. Youtube channel: NipponCat - YouTube Doumo arigatou.
  10. jawfuj


    What is Guy人48? Guy人48 (Guyjin48) is Japan's fir st all male idol band consisting entirely of foreign students of all nationalities studying in Japan. The goal is to bring people together, to promote language exchange, and to create an environment that will further allow foreign students to...
  11. Shiro Reju

    Help Can someone help me with Japanese ? :)

    Hello everyone .. My name is Vojta , im from Czech Republic and i want to learn Japanese .. Its little bit hard for me.. it would be great if someone will help me with that .. Thanks a lot all :D :)
  12. Ninjinsan

    Nana's Lawson

    Hello! Since I am currently living in Sapporo, Japan, I decided to share my experiences, stories and photo impressions through a blog. Please, feel free to pass by. If you have any question or comment, let me know. 39! ^ - ^ Nana's Lawson – Stories from the city by the mountain blue
  13. Julia KaNeko

    Hello! I'm Lady Julia KaNeko, and I'm new here!

    I haven't been on a forum site in years... -AHEM- Hello, everyone! I am Lady Julia KaNeko and today is my first day on here! I am 24 this year, in the U.S. and have high hopes to go to Japan someday once I'm finished with college and get my Bachelor's Degree. I have interests in learning more...
  14. Alucina

    Advice on memorizing "onyomi" readings in kanji?

    Having gone through jlpt n5 kanji and being halfway through jlpt n4 kanji, I don't find myself having too much trouble with the kunyomi. But the onyomi readings are very confusing, especially since they're mostly all similar, so I find it hard to tell between all of them. I'm aware there isn't a...
  15. Alucina

    Someone to practice Japanese with?

    I know this probably isn't the place to post this in. But all the language exchange apps/ chat websites were unhelpful. And everyone was too old...I'm 15 years old and I would like someone to practice with. This is frustrating because I know I can't improve my language without talking to anyone...
  16. Mioch

    Translate to EN - game notification

    Hi ! I am currently playing a japanese game called Valkyrie Connect, but I don't understand what this notification says. Can someone translate this for me ? Thank you so much in advance :)
  17. A

    Studying Abroad In Japan

    Hello My name is Alex! I will be studying abroad for the first time for 1 month in Tokyo Japan during the month of August. This is the first time I'm leaving the comfort of my home town. I'm curious on what types of experiences other people have had studying abroad long and short term...
  18. traumagotchi

    open japanese study group on facebook!

    hi everyone! i recently made a study group on facebook for those interested in learning japanese together with other people. it only has 5 members as of right now, and we need more! i will be posting many resources to the group often. all you need to join is a basic grasp of english! would...
  19. Aki Moritani

    Services Discount code for my new Japanese Conversation Course

    Hi everyone, I hope you don't mind me posting here, but if anyone's interested in learning Japanese Conversation, I have 100 discount coupons to give away which will enable you to get a 40% discount on my new course. This course is for Beginners who would like to focus on Japanese Conversation...
  20. L

    Questions For My Story!

    As it is been pointed out to me, I prolly need to ask specific questions and that will get me a faster response, but I have a ton, so I apologize in advance for my ignorance! I want my world to have a name that shows it is based off of Japan, but not a direct ripoff. I was thinking 'Nihon no...
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