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  1. WonkoTheSane

    OSX El Capitan improved Japanese input

    Has anyone installed OSX El Capitan? I read in the release notes that it has improved input for Japanese with automatic live conversion from hiragana. My mac is an old late 2012 Mac Mini, and since I use it for quite a few work related chores I hesitate to move to the new OS until it's been...
  2. Flash card set: Japanese Syllabary - Hiragana

    日本語 Flash card set: Japanese Syllabary - Hiragana

    Japanese Syllabary - Hiragana is a flash card set for Japanese beginners, especially for those who start to learn Japanese Hiragana characters and basic vocabularies. Published by Carddia, this card set contains 104 cards which collects all Japanese Hiragana characters. Each card shows one...