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  1. Higo-Hosokawa Garden Tokyo (360 4K video)

    Travel Higo-Hosokawa Garden Tokyo (360 4K video)

    When you need to get away from the madness of Tokyo, Higo-Hosokawa Garden (肥後細川庭園 Higo Hosokawa Teien) is a wonderful place to go. You should take a leisurely walk across the wetlands and listen to the waterfall's cascading water. And, although it isn't quite as large as Shinjuku Gyoen National...
  2. Hidden Gardens of Japan 日本の秘庭

    Culture Hidden Gardens of Japan 日本の秘庭

    The book explores relatively unseen gardens throughout Japan, those that have been overlooked by mass tourism and retain their original calm. Occasionally these gardens are not as famous as their cousins for different reasons: the temple priest is not interested in their sanctuary becoming a...
  3. thomas

    Travel News The most beautiful Japanese gardens

    The Journal of Japanese Gardening, also known as Sukiya Living Magazine, has released its annual rating of Japanese gardens. The most beautiful garden selected from among 900 Japanese art gardens has been the one at the Adachi Museum of Art in Shimane - for the 16th time in a row...
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