japanese art

  1. G

    Enoden water color postcards

    I have several postcards depicting water colors of the various stations of the Enoden in Kamakura. The artist's last name is Yamada and the title of the series appears to be 'resshima no sketchi' or something along those lines. Does anyone know of this artist? I would like to learn more about...
  2. K

    Can someone translate this calligraphy attached?

    Anyone know what this old calligraphy says?
  3. H

    Need help figuring out what I have acquired

    Hello fantastic people of the internet! I have absolutly no clue when it comes to anything about japan, so i really hope you can help. I was at a garage sale and i bought a big old sailors chest. It was awesome and i could get it very cheap. Good deal. But, I did not check or ask the seller...
  4. japana

    Looking for traditional Japanese knife-makers (in Japan)

    Hi Everyone! I have a quite unique question here related to Japanese knifes (daily use ones guyto, deba, sujihiki etc., not swords). Some time ago I fell in love with Japanese art of making and now me and my two friends Ann and Isabella are trying to showcase and promote talented Japanese...