japan exchange

  1. M

    Host Family letter

    So, i am applying for a year abroad high school exchange in japan for a year in 2019. I am required to write a letter in English, optional Japanese. I have decided to write one in Japanese thus my following questions; How do I end a letter in Japanese? In terms of actual content, is there...
  2. B

    A month in Japan ♥

    Hi guys!! I am Anna and 15 years old. I will be going to Japan for 1 month this summer and I wanted to start a YouTube channel where I am going to talk about my experiences and the life in Japan. I am trying to get started and to even get people to see my videos. I really hate when somebody is...
  3. M

    Request for interview

    Would anyone be willing to let me interview them that is from Japan? It would be an informal message interview.
  4. nice gaijin

    Comprehensive List of Japanese Exchange Programs

    As you may know from my thread Japanese Name Stamps - Hanko/Inkan/Shachihata | Japan Forum I helped launch a website for a company in Japan that makes hanko (Japanese name stamps). As part of my role, I'm helping coordinate outreach to help market the site and inform people about hanko. A...