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  1. G

    MEXT 2018

    Hi All, I am new to this Forum and I wanted to know if people here are waiting for the secondary screening results for MEXT 2018.
  2. 林 ダレン

    *Serious Topic* Karoshi (過労死)

    こにちは皆さん! ダレンです よろしくお願いします! Hello, everyone, I'm Darren. Just to share a little bit of myself, I'm a Singaporean and currently 21 years old. I'm now working in a local bank as a contract worker and also doing a part-time degree in an Australian university. Last year during National Service...
  3. maventy

    Help Japan Transportation, help?

    Hi everyone, im planning to go to Japan on Feb 15 - March 16. Im super confused about the transportation as this will be my 2nd time there but my 1st time planning all the itinerary and going by public transportation. My itinerary is as followed, 16-20 Feb - will be in Osaka and going to only...
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