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    80s J-Disco Identification!

    Hi! These two songs use the same sample but I'm not finding them... I've tried basically everything... Can you help? Just Sean - Magical マジック by Just Sean ATL | Free Listening on SoundCloud Thank you!
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    Another J-Disco identification!

    Hello! As with other song I have posted here, I searched the lyrics to see if I could find the sample and ended up finding nothing... Here is the song: 24. 陽神LORDSUN - Loving You by BALENTSバランス | Free Listening on SoundCloud I hope you can help!
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    Cool J-Funk / J-Disco Sample Identification

    SUPER RISER! by ナニダトnanidato | Free Listening on SoundCloud Can someone identify the song? I tried Shazam and searching the lyrics and I get nothing... Thank you!