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  1. Kyoumimasu

    New member: Greetings all!

    Hello everyone! My name is Kyoumi Masuhara. I'm 5th generation Japanese-American and enjoy taking taking care of my animals and plants. I'm nonbinary and use they/them. I just entered an online college for pharmacy tech training, but currently work in childcare...
  2. snuffles0913

    Hi There!

    This is my first time making a post in this thread. :emoji_joy: So for my first post, here's a little bit of intro about me. I'll do something unique since this thread revolves around Nihongo and everything Japanese. Please correct me if you see any errors. I think my Nihongo is a bit rusty...
  3. G

    Hello! :D

    Hello everyone, I'm a 21 year old university student from Australia. I went to Japan in 2015 to ski in Niseko and had a great time so I came back again the next year, and then again in 2017. I finally decided in February 2017 while I was in Niseko that I would learn Japanese. It's a very cool...
  4. Vadim

    Hi everyone! Всем привет!

    I'm Vadim, 25 y.o. from a cold and tough country Russia. I ran accidentally into this forum today and decided to join in a search for folks to talk to. Since I recently got extremely interested in the Japanese culture and the Japanese language, those interested in a cultural or language exchange...
  5. spirit2112


    こんにちは!私のなまえは精神二一一二です。わたしはコーヒーがだいすき。 Aaaaand that's about the limit of my 日本語。Switching keyboards is such a hassle. I'm spirit2112, kudos if you know where my username comes from. :P I love coffee as you may already know, I've been learning Japanese for about 6 months now. I guess I'm okay at...
  6. MaikaAndrea

    New member here! ^_^

    Min'na konbanwa! I'm Maika, 23, from Philippines. Single-mother to a 1y.o baby boy. I hope we can be awesome friends. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu! ^_^ I joined this forum to partially ask for advise for moving to Japan with my son. But mostly, I'm seeking new friends! ^_^
  7. Lady Orisha

    Hello Everyone and Happy Halloween ^_~

    I am really new here and learning more as I explore. My name is Lady Orisha! I love Japanese Culture and Creativity! I love to watch anime and read manga. Of course, I adore the Jpop and Jrock. I am an African American Solo Artist and my band is called FROM MOM. I am working towards becoming a...
  8. Julia KaNeko

    Hello! I'm Lady Julia KaNeko, and I'm new here!

    I haven't been on a forum site in years... -AHEM- Hello, everyone! I am Lady Julia KaNeko and today is my first day on here! I am 24 this year, in the U.S. and have high hopes to go to Japan someday once I'm finished with college and get my Bachelor's Degree. I have interests in learning more...
  9. Anton~

    Yo from DeviantAr-- I mean, Brazil!

    Yo, todo mundo! Sooooo to make the thread short, I've decided to join the forums here after lurking for a while and reading threads on the 日本語 - Learning Japanese. I started self teaching Japanese about two months ago and, since I learn much easier by talking to people and being able to ask...
  10. B

    A month in Japan ♥

    Hi guys!! I am Anna and 15 years old. I will be going to Japan for 1 month this summer and I wanted to start a YouTube channel where I am going to talk about my experiences and the life in Japan. I am trying to get started and to even get people to see my videos. I really hate when somebody is...
  11. DeLorges

    Hello, Hallo, こんいちわ!

    Hello Sweeties! So yeah, I just registered on these forums but I've been reading a bit here and there for the last past days. I am currently undertaking the not so small task of learning Japanese! I wouldn't even be able to say why exactly. Part of the reason is, that I wanna keep using my...
  12. Zelkova Ki

    Ehh! Umm... Hello! おはよう!

    Hello... My name is Justice Lawson! It nice to meet you. [こんにちは 私はラソンジャつティスです。どぞよろしく] I love AKB48, Gundam, dotHack and Nintendo. I listen to Idol music. I play splatoon. [AKB48とグンダムとdotHackとニンテンドーが大好き!アイドルを聞きま.Splatoonをします] That's all I can say in Japanese about me. Though I know more...
  13. Hans Kamp

    New to this forum

    Hi, I am Hans and 49 years old. 私はハンスです。 I am new to this forum and I started learning Japanese about two weeks ago. I learn Japanese with the book sieres Japanese From Zero. I learn making simple sentences like: これは私の車です。 This is my car. Actually with the progressive alphabet (romanji and...
  14. リセット


    初めまして! リセットです!(本名はレイですがw)アメリカ住まいの女子高生です。一応バイリンガルです。母が日本人のため、私は日常会話はできますが、小学生以来勉強をさぼってしまって、漢字の読み書きがいまだに苦手です。それをちょっとでも直そうと、この掲示板にやってきました! 常用漢字を出来るだけ早く学びたいと思っています。なので、その練習のために皆さんと日本語で会話ができれば嬉しいです! よろしくお願いします!
  15. Lil1201

    Hello everyone こんにちは!

    はじめまして、 わたし は リリー です。わたし は 19 ハンガリーじん です。(Hajimemashita, watashi wa Ririi desu. Watashi wa 19, Hangariijin desu.) Hi, I'm Lily (19) from Hungary. I speak a little Japanese, and I wanna practice it with someone. I wanna make new friends and learn Japanese together. Who's up to it? I know Hirgana...
  16. Shiv

    Konichiwa - From India

    Konichiwa everyone, My name is Dushyant but my friends call me Shiv, I am very new here .. I am a 38 year old man, traveled most of the western world but have never had the honor of visiting Japan. Would love to change that one day and visit. I am fascinated by Japanese people, culture and...
  17. Magucchi

    Hello, マグッチ です, よろしくね!

    Let's see...since this is my first post, I figure a little self-introduction is in order :yawn::nailbiting:😅 Hello JRef Forum! はじめまして, Magucchi here! ;) I'm 28 from Canada and just started learning 日本語 this summer. This forum looks pretty active and a good resource for learning and discussing...
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