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  1. M

    Wanted Looking for a Japanese immigrant who lives in the U.S. to answer some interview questions

    Hello. I have a cultural interview project for my Food and Culture class, and I chose to study Japanese culture over the semester as it is the culture that interests me the most. I am to compare/contrast my culture with someone from Japan. I do not know anyone personally from Japan, which is why...
  2. msaihamhossain

    Question Nagoya University G30 Interview

    I have been selected for the second screening (Skype interview) for Nagoya University’s undergraduate G30 program of Automotive Engineering (Electrical, Electronic & Information Engineering). I have the following question regarding the interview: 1) I know, I’ll be asked subject questions. What...
  3. Janie.d

    Radio Ramen Podcast

    If you're into garage punk, rockabilly, post rock, jazz fusion and blues there is a great bilingual podcast which kicked off 2 weeks ago called radioramen.com. First interview was so cool with Baitones and am crazily into Vivarta (ep 2). I have heard Pistol Jazz is going to on soon....reckon...
  4. DH. Hwang

    TiTech IGP C 2017 (CS)

    Hello, I'm a korean student and preparing a interview of IGP C. I submitted my application documents through courier mail. Now I worry about a interview of IGP C. I am reviewing all of fundamental of CS such as Data structure, Algorithm, Computer Architecture, OS... But I don't have any...
  5. H

    Wanted 海外向けフリマ・オークションサイトのユーザーテストを日本語で受けていただける方募集しています

    海外向けフリマ・オークションサイトのユーザーテストを受けていただける東京近郊在住の外国人の方を募集しております。 テストしていただくサイトは英語・中国語(繁体字・簡体字)で作られていますが、受け答えを日本語ででき、協力していただける方を探しております。わずかですが謝礼も用意しております。 ご参加いただける方は、応募フォームに必要事項を記入のうえ、ご都合の良い日時を選択していただき、最後に送信ボタンを押してください。 各日程毎に先着順となりますが、できるだけご希望にそえるよう調整をさせていただき、参加確定した方のみ詳細のご連絡させていただきます。 【詳細】 ■...
  6. WNJ

    If you got to interview a sumo wrestler...

    In February, I interviewed some sumo wrestlers from the Minato Beya stable, along with a slightly drunken Japanese man, who asked the more hard hitting questions. Behind the scenes: SUMO I'd love this video to get a few more views, because I do think it's really interesting. Please watch, and...
  7. RacoonYuki

    Associations and stereotypes about Russian people. Research.

    Hi everyone! My name is Nastya, I am from Moscow and I really love Japanese culture. That's why I have chosen Japan as the object of my research for my University subject which is called 'Intercultural communication'. The research consists of a few questions, they are not hard to answer, I will...
  8. Charbel

    why are so many Chinese people visiting Tokyo?

    I made a project while living in Tokyo, about the recent influx of Chinese tourists to Tokyo. A small team of us went out and conducted street interviews, we got some very interesting answers. If this interests you have a look at the video, and I'd love to know what people think. Thanks!!!
  9. Charbel

    New to the site

    Hello, I'm new to this forum, I think it's great that there's a place like this to share experience thoughts and opinions.
  10. Ascetic Monk

    GPSS-GLI Interview: Can I please have some advice?

    Hello everyone, I have been shortlisted as a Master's candidate for interview by the GPSS-GLI. I was advised by them that coverage of the interview will be on the short essays, research plan and other documents that I submitted as part of my application. Is there anyone here who has been...
  11. H

    What will be asked during the interview with faculty members?

    I get the opportunity to have an interview for my PhD application with the faculty members to whom I am applying. They are in Utokyo. Apart from the questions taken from my research proposal/essay, what else must I expect?
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