1. H

    About connecting to internet

    All this time I have been living in a university provided accommodation where the internet access is already provided and set up. I am moving to a public apartment now and have to get the internet setting done all by myself. In my room there are phone line plug, cat5 plug, and another one with a...
  2. Pixie

    Internet providers in Japan

    Hello all, I'm trying to set up internet in my new apartment but I'm having a lot of trouble understanding all the plans and charges. I spoke to J:COM and they said I had to pay a charge for every device I want to connect to the Wi-Fi, which sounds crazy to me. Does any have any experience with...
  3. N

    Wifi providers tips

    Hello. Can somebody please give me some tips about wifi in Japan? Like wifi providers? Which do you usually use that work without problems and with a decent speed? For example, I was thinking about getting a phone card (which would function as a router) with speed of 250 mpbs or a wifi...