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  1. Tsuzurao Castle

    Travel Tsuzurao Castle

    Tsuzurao Castle (防己尾城 Tsuzurao-jō) is located on the Western shore of Lake Koyama in modern-day Tottori City. It was constructed in 1579 by Yoshioka Sadakatsu (吉岡定勝, 1532-1606), a vassal of the Inaba Yamana clan. During Oda Nobunaga's campaign in Western Honshū in 1580/81, his general...
  2. Kageishi Castle

    Travel Kageishi Castle

    Kageishi Castle (景石城 Kageishi-jō) was located in former Inaba Province near the post station of Mochigase-shuku (用瀬宿) along Inaba Kaidō (因幡街道) at the confluence of Sendai River and Sajigawa River. Inaba Kaidō connected the province of Harima (modern-day Okayama Prefecture) with Tottori. The...